All that glitters is not gold

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More than the real thing on the earth, more than the counterfeit thing. Due to the fact that the real thing is desirable, counterfeit goods are always tried. False is busy in revealing himself to the world as a real person by concealing his guilt and error. But it is not enough to get attracted to everyone for long. Once the false lining comes out of the properties of counterfeit things. Then his final defeat comes to the real object. Gold is a precious metal.

Its color is bright. But this brightness alone did not make gold precious. Because gold is indeed valuable due to its internal quality. There are many metals that are used to rub or tone the gold color. But these metals can not be gold. Because of the rubble, these can only contain the outer garment of gold, its internal qualities can not dominate. So the outside glosses can not be just the exact measure of any object. In our society there are many people whose inner hives are hollow.

But outside they mask a perfect man. They have never been great, they are just acting great. Many are influenced by their outward appearance. Many people sit on their respective seats, attracting interesting looks and sweet words. But when the real nature of these so-called good people is revealed, they all become disillusioned. Therefore, people should judge without external beauty or inner qualities.

Education: Many people of ugly can see the mind of the holy ones. Again, many people, who have a nice look and attractive personality, can be very dangerous. So it is not right to think of a person as a whole without knowing him completely.

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You have right but is hard to know completely a person.