A Rolling Stones GATHERS NO MOSS

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A person who is often the term rolling stone stands for changing his place or profession, just as a stone that is contingely rolling does not collect any moss on it. Similarly, a person constantly changing his occupation, does not succeed in any achievement. Acquisition of wealth or learning or experience requires time and steady and prolonged application of ener ome task.


People who succeeded in life are not necessarily extraordinarily gifted or brilliant; and those who are unable to dullards and dunces The truth of who are perseverant and patient, gain their goals; whereas many brilliant men who want quick results, are disappointed, who is aking gy to the matter is that, iCas is coming in slow Such men are impatient of delay and leave one job for another It will be found that results are rarely, ifever, proportionate to our expectations or even efforts.

Those who are not disappointed by the inadequacy of rewards and success of the slow pace success. where-as they are It is, therefore, advisable that we should not be impatient of delay but work patiently and perseverantly If we do this, we will find that our efforts are adequately rewarded.

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@bikash-tutor, nice example. Thank you : xD

Succeed man believe in hard word, honesty and patience.

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