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Dreams, goals, desired, aspirations or whatever names you want to use to describe them are like newly-conceived babies. They are very fragile and susceptible to their environment and therefore must be handled with care otherwise they will be aborted.

Some of the enemies of dreams will be discussed one after the other

To start with, we have:

Gender Issue
Don't ever allow your sex to kill your dream. Some people will tell you that because you are female or male you cannot go into such area of business. This is not true as some women performed well in areas previously thought to be exclusively for men. For example, women are now excellent engineers and politicians. Men are also doing very well in such areas that used to be exclusively reserved for women, for example, cookery, catering and nursing.

Finally on this note, do not let your gender be an issue in making your dream a reality.

This will be all for now...stay tune for the next dream destroyer.

I remain your naija lady @bekky...

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