Relax: You’re Right On Time

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Nothing irritates me more than the loss of time, especially when I have a lot on my plate.

I totally agree with Darwin when he comes to the use of time:

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

When people become excessively ambitious, they begin to be obsessive with time and that can put unnecessary pressure on us. They feel like they have to benefit from every minute of life. Things MUST happen immediately.

Don't get me wrong, i mean it’s great that you want to live a life of contribution and achieve a lot, but does that mean it has to happen NOW?. If it is not happening at the time you want, then it's totally not right for you.

Note; there’s a fine line between being impatient and understanding the value of time sir.

Impatience makes smart people do stupid things.

We try to get ahead of time. We devote time and love to our relationship. We try to work hard. We work on ourselves (character). As if that's not enough, we still feel like we’ve fallen behind. Pressuring ourselves like;

“We still don’t have kids.”

“I’m not married yet.”

“My business still hasn’t taken off.”

“I’m not losing weight.”

“I’m stuck in the same job for years.” and all of that.

I'm not pretending that I've not been trapped there severally but I’m passed that. We all have those feelings. The higher you move up the ladder, the higher your standards grows.

Oftentimes you've got to take a step back. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Education, Switching careers and changing you locations are all difficult. Momentarily, you are taking a step back. But you’ll bounce back eventually.


When we rush through the day, continuously doing small tasks, running to distractions, reading and responding to messages… we will definitely feel a slight sense of anxiety and pressure, because we are swirling through things but still feeling like we’re never getting anywhere.

Take a pause in the middle of the rush. Taking a breath. You should create a little space. Finding a little mindfulness, reflecting on what we’re doing. Being present with our bodies.

In truth, we generate the problem of being behind, because it's in our minds just like every problem — it’s not really true. So instead of allowing this problem to be real, can we let it be less solid by treating it like a mist?.

So suit yourself up, forget about the fast treadmill that never stops and prepare yourself for one LONG ride called LIFE.

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