Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Could Be Best Thing For You

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A few years ago, I was in a very bad place, and I had flat-out hit rock bottom in most aspects of life - financially, emotionally and spiritually. The period was filled with pain in every way. But finally, I had to face myself brutally, painfully, and honestly.

Every day I look back with so much gratitude for the amazing gifts that time bestowed upon me. It has inculcated in me a deep hope and trust that the universe actually did have my back. Over the years I've gained incredible insights and growth through the darkest nights.

But it'll only be a worthwhile adventure when you come back having learned some real lessons and with the right wisdom to share from your story as a survivor. And so with a few hindsight, I'll be showing you why I think hitting rock bottom is a good thing. It's necessary for our life as humans we hit rock bottom because from down there you can see life more clearly.

Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Could Be A Good Thing For You:

Seeing your dysfunctional behaviours

At the bottom, all your irrational behaviours are revealed at it's fullest. If you'd never hit that point in your life, you dysfunctions will remain unchecked and even unnoticed, playing out under the denial sonar and thereby creating more dysfunctions, it's better you notice a shortcoming and trash it out immediately. But until the bubble breaks, you deceive yourself into thinking everything is fine the way it is —and your life ends up being built on a false foundation surrounded by a fence of big, fat lies.

New Perspective Of Life

When you hit rock bottom you begin to question everything that you’ve ever thought to be true. You question your beliefs, your fears, why you attracted certain people and circumstances, why you did and didn’t do things, why you succeeded, why you did fail. Your life is turned upside down and thoroughly examined in raw detail. At that point, you pick it up and build again with a fresh perspective based on your revived sense of precision.

Self-awareness of Bad Habits & Behaviors

At the bottom, your bad habits and behaviours become very obvious, and the reasons that kept you repeating those behaviour patterns come into focus. Then you come to the understanding that hitting rock bottom was not only inevitable but necessary because growth could be hindered through those behaviours. On top of that, you realize that you've been playing a puppet repeating these roles over and over again, these roles just pop into your conscious awareness that you've been creating the same dynamics over and over. It’s not until you step out of yourself and break the mould then start the search for your true self and begin to create new positive outcomes.

Trusting in Life

At this point your original status begin to surface, you realize that you were not at the level you thought you were in life, maybe you tasted it briefly you didn't know you'll hit the ground so fast. You let your ego run the show with ideas about what you could do not realizing you didn’t yet have the solid foundation to achieve those things. As life begins to unfold before your eyes, you start to live in the moment more often. When you surrender to your higher self, you begin to align with your right purpose and the right path to life. And it feels good.


Like I said earlier you gain humility when you see that life is not as colourful as presented and that you don’t know everything as you thought you did. In fact, you realize you know very little. Until you decide to become a student of life instead of a juror.

Compassion and more understanding of people

You gain compassion. Then you've seen what it's like to work a mile in the shoes of people in the depths of despair, guilt, shame and fear. The feeling of immense empathy grips you from seeing the human condition and understanding them.

You Take Responsibility

After you’ve hit the bottom you begin to accept full responsibility for your actions and the outcomes in your life. You see that complaining is futile, blaming is futile, that making excuses lame and is for the unenlightened. You realize that you made all the choices yourself both the good and bad ones.

You dug the hole in which you’re trapped, and only you can dig yourself out of it in order to finally become whole.

If you are in that dark place you can take advantage of it and restructure your life and finish strong. Only when you are willing to explore your darkest moments, that is when you truly be of service in the world. But you need to hit rock bottom to find yourself.

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