Our Desires help Redesign Our Future

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All of us are self-made people but unfortunately, only the successful will admit it.

It takes the same amount of decisions to fail and to succeed.

We spend a lot of time blaming the reality of an existence that we have birthed as a result of our decisions on factors like, relationships, society or even one unseen supreme being.

That’s a great act of irresponsibility in my opinion; we are the star of this show called “my life” and whatever we make of it is either our pride or our shame. I like to see life as a big portrait of a superstar. We can make it look nice or ugly.

What matters is the quality of each stroke we make with the brush we wield. You can’t have a nice looking portrait if all you got is a bunch of poor strokes.

wonderfully and fearfully paint the life you desire...

So, that’s it guys, poor strokes equals poor portrait...in one word decisions which is determined by desires defines the design of the outcome of our lives...

Another aspect of looking at life at a portrait point of view is that we also get to know the colours we do not need if we must come up with a great portrait that looks exactly like the vision we saw or better say, the inspiration we received.

vision patterns our decisions; with vision we know just what we need to arrive at a desired destination.

Whatever you are right now and whatever you will ever become in life is and will be as a result of the decisions you make. A right life is only a reflection of right decisions while on the other hand, the reverse is the case.


We hope we make right decisions for ourselves,cause most times, time always reveal to us that decisions we taught was right based on a previous box of knowledge we were limited to, were finally misleading. And that is way annoying,cause we had butterflies in our tommy when making such decisions.

Well said, thank you @maduprecious

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