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Just time in a bid to be an excellent achievers, we find ourselves in a self-inflicted perpetual rat race that never ends. We become inadvertently hard on ourselves. In a subtle way, we become our own task masters, slaves to our minds' endless quest to achieve greatness. Maybe because of the way our society is designed, we don't want to suffer in this Shit hole. And then we keep pushing ourselves beyond our "limits" because we don't want to be labelled as losers or someone that's given up.
We are so engrossed; we gradually lose a grasp of life happening around us! We no longer live, all we do is try to survive to continue the race; with the hope that will get better....

What if things don't get better? what if you don't get that desired job of yours? what if you never lose any weight with all the gym sessions, slimming teas and fat burners? what if all dreams don't come true?

Many will collapse in their work space and blame others for their misfortune. Mental stress is really worse than you can ever imagine!


My point is....

Sometimes, it's okay to just breathe! It's okay to take a break! Sleep all day, have fun, go on vacations, party, go to the movies, spend time with the people you love

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