it's all just a matter of time

in motivation •  14 days ago 


anger, disappointment, surrender, enthusiasm, are things we often feel in life. we are humans, the best creatures created by God. we are born given the sense to think. but often we are difficult to control. sometimes we are often angry when others do not like what we have done.

sometimes we are disappointed and give up because the purpose of life that we have arranged neatly, but not in accordance with what we have planned. that's the thing that is often felt by humans. but we just need to believe that there is always a solution for every problem that comes. and we must think clearly and believe that we can solve the problem.

We must remember, that God will not give life trials to humans beyond the limits of human ability itself. The problem is only a test given from God. we don't need to be afraid to face it. we have to do, dare to face the problem, and ask God to give instructions to the problems we face.

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