A little bit of motivation

in motivation •  2 years ago 

Hi guys, so I ran into some interesting pictures today that I feel I should share with the house @stach
I probably never said this but I am a photo collector and I like to think of my phone gallery as my personal museum. So have a little bit more
I hope these pictures could motivate someone. Thanks for your time

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Definitely some motivating pictures.
Endeavour to source them.

Okay, thanks bro

Tika life's hard... You think yes I've made it I've moved up my thoughts finally count... But alas life's not like that like the matroyshka it keeps telling you try try you'll get there keep plugging at it one more push one last try and you'll finally be somebody... Two months later your still where you started with nothing but hope for what the next eight months may bring if you keep trying...

Wisely spoken