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The life you are now living in your choice is not due to circumstances that you are thrown into. It all your choice. One of the best sayings is "If your born in the poor family then it's not your mistake but if you die poor then it's your mistake" A great don't blame circumstances but he always tries to change them.
If a man doesn't have his choices then e will not be responsible for his doing. All these responsibilities are due to choices. All the animals have no choices so they all are not answerable. We are answerable as we can differentiate between right and wrong.
A man is not the fastest animal, can't fly, can't live in the river and can't change colors but he is able to make an aeroplane that can fly, he can make submarine that can go into the depth of the river and can make different colors.
Human is the best creatures of the universe due to only one reason and that is humans have minds in their heads.
We can make our today awesome and beautiful by using our minds. It is said that if our two days are equal then we are making a loss. So we should always follow our goal statement and always choose those paths that lead us to success in our life.
As International Motivational Speaker, Vivek Bindra Said " Accepts all that things that contribute to your goal statement and rejects all the things that don't contribute to goals state"
Acceptance and rejection shouldn't be based on mood and weather conditions, it should be based on goal statement.


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