Become Hero Of Yourself- Never Give Up

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Become Hero Of Yourself- Never Give Up
There are actually two worlds here that are related to every individual in this life. One is called the inner world and the other I would like to name it as the outer world. The inner world is related to all that is happing inside the body of an individual that has vital importance in the success and achievement of our short and long term goals. The inner world includes our inner feelings, thoughts, potential, power and most important our belief system that is the Number one source of motivation in our life. It is believed that all that we are doing in our life is due to our strong belief system. We have strong narrative and opinions on the basis of our belief system and even we accept any religion on the basis of our beliefs and if we don't believe any religion then it is also due to our high power belief systems.

Now let us look at the outer world that includes all the things that are happening in our surroundings that have momentary importance in our life. We can include our financial conditions, our education, our friends and relatives' behavior. All these have external importance and all these can give us motivation and can inspire us for a short period of time. And when this short period ends our motivation is also end.

Outer world happening becomes useless we have strong faith in ourselves.

"No matter what happens in the outside world, as long as you have faith in yourself, no darkness can touch you!" (Mehmet Murat ildan)

Now to become the hero of ourselves self we have to conquer our inner world have built a high power belief system around our wishes and goals. We have to believe our goals and make them that are shakeable. But nowhere is the question who is true here? What is the definition of a hero? So let me tell you how I perceive the hero in my head and my heart. To me, a hero is someone who never gives up in his life. When he takes the start of something then he never stops and fights with all hurdles manfully. He must a fighter like a fierce lion and Swift and sharp eagle eyes. He should fit himself in any circumstances.

A hero is a man who always does self-analysis and is responsible for his actions and questions about his all doings. He had already planned for his next days and night. He never wastes his time. There is no specific gender for him. Someone who wants to improve his every single day.

As some say " If two days of your life are equal then they making a loss" so improvement is one of the important characteristics.

The hero is the person who feels pain for others is a hero of himself. Hero also believes that there is no gain without losses. He belies that all the hardships are to improve him and make him even more strong and a better person. He lives his life to the fullest and tries to reach out to the needy people.

He also believes in this quote " Leadership is all about taking ownership and responsibility "

So if you think that you have all these characteristics then 'Yes' You are the super here of your story.

So be strong enough and bold enough to write your own history and always remember that you are your own hero.

Closing with Golden Statement by Muniba Mazari " YOU ARE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY AND HEROES NEVER GIVE UP"

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