How To Make Your Dream Come True

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Have you ever wondered why you do not get what you want? There are two big reasons why you fail to get what you want.

First, because you don’t really know what you want.

That means, you’re confused with what you want. Many people are mixed up with what they want concerning wealth. And so they send mixed signals to the universe.

The second big reason for not getting what we want is that we don’t want it bad enough.

And this is my message today.

There are three levels of desire. It doesn’t matter what you desire. You could desire to be an Olympic gold medalist or be an award winning artist. The results are always the same at each level.

The first level of desire is called the " I Wish" level.

For example: “I wish I'm rich.” Usually, nothing happens at the level of wish.

So many people are in this first level. That’s why people get shocked when I say that one of the reasons why we’re poor is because we actually don’t like to be rich. People argue, “ Almost everyone I talk to wants to get rich!” Yes, but only from a level of wish. You hear stuff like… “It would be nice to be rich.” “Oh, to have some extra money to help others…” “Gosh, what would it feel like to have a million in the bank?” I repeat: Nothing much happens when you stay on this level.

The second level of desire is called the "I Want" level.

In this level, people say, “I want to be rich.” OK, some things happen here. A little action.
Perhaps some smoke and spark appear. But sadly, not for long.
A few people move up to this level, but level 2 is still not enough to bring them to the finish line.

The third level is the "Commitment" level.

In this level, people say, “I’m committed to be rich.”
In this level, you believe that when you say these words, you’re prophesying your future.
You know it will happen.

Only very few people are in this level of desire, but commitment is where anything of value is created in this world. Do you want to be truly rich? Then be committed.

There’s no other way.

Be completely committed to your dreams.

Always Remember this:
If You Can Dream It You Can Do It!!

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Jolly good.

Jim Rohn described a similar thing, in a different way in "Walk away from the 97%". So, it turns out that only about 3% actually get committed to doing anything.


thank you

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