Keep doing

in #motivation2 months ago


Rise up, O soul, and claim your might,
Unleash your power, shine your light,
No obstacle can hold you back,
No fear can cause your soul to crack.

Believe in yourself, and you will see,
The endless possibilities,
The strength within, the fire that burns,
The courage to face every turn.

With every step, with every breath,
You're closer to achieving your best,
Your dreams are within reach, my friend,
So let your spirit never bend.

The road ahead may be tough and long,
But you have the will to carry on,
So take the reins, and steer your fate,
The world is yours, it's not too late.

So rise up, O soul, and seize the day,
You're powerful, energetic, in every way,
The universe awaits your call,
And you will rise, you will stand tall..

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