What Is The Different ? Inspiration And Copy

in motivation •  6 months ago

After finished this video I feel like OMG ! I look sooooo serious because I'm really focus for what I have to say so I look super serious haha.


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lovely video @anne-c
thank you for sharing



Great Video!

Haaaaa LOLOLOLOL ไม่ใส่อารมณ์เลย เห็นหน้าพี่แล้วอยากกินไส้อั่วที่ซื้อมาฝาก 5555555 ❤


lol I just look serious because I was so focus on what I have to say otherwise I will forget :P

Great video... All about motivation and inspiration

You're a great example of originality. I like how you intentionally do something different. We need more people like you on Steem & DTube.


@transformed Awww thank you so much. 😀

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