Do What You Love and You'll Never Work A Day In Your Life : Life is More Than Money

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Hey DTube & Steemit!

My name is Lydia,

Today I want to talk to you about a saying that goes something along these lines: "do what you love in life and you'll never work a day in your life."

This saying resinates very true for me in my life and I think a lot of people can relate to it. A lot of us, myself included spent a LOOOONG time doing something that I didn't like. My career required a lot of travel and even though the pay might have been nice, I didn't like doing it. I feel that if the paycheck is what drives you even though you dispose your job there should be some changes to consider. I know different circumstances arise in different situations and peoples lives, so I'm not saying go and quit your job or anything like that. For me, I began to establish a different source of income which I love doing, while at my other job. Now, this also gives me more time to do the things I love in life like posting videos, and cooking videos/recipes.

Hope you enjoy!

I post new cooking recipe videos here on Steemit every other day. I hope to help inspire others to make homemade food. It's not as difficult as many would think and much more delicious than anything you would buy pre-made!

I also post motivational, lifestyle and tip videos, things that I have learned in my life which are beneficial or helpful in some way in my “mini-series” called “alpha talks”. I hope that these videos will help benefit, inspire, motivate others to have a positive attitude and outlook on life or just learn something new if possible.

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This is so true! I love the message here. This is similar to what Warren Buffett means when he talks about “tap dancing to work.” Have you ever watched the documentary, Becoming Warrren Buffett? You would like it:)

Haven't watched it. I bet he does dance all the way to work. I'm sure he has a lot of GOLD too.

and if you forgot about what you love think about what you liked as a child.

That is a good one...haven't got that one yet.

Loving every day and what I do so it feels like a part of my happy life can't go wrong with that!

Yeah I agree. You are doing good, and your posts are great, wish I knew more about cryptos and it they would be a lot more beneficial to me haha...I'm learning more about it everyday though. Really appreciate your comments 😀.

I love these kinds of messages because​e its my niche.😁
Keep on going your good work 😊

Thanks. It's nice to see people living it out...How is your team doing? We are huge Atlanta United fans here, really cool to see a pro soccer player on here.

Have you watched the movie :

Why do I ask? I believe that most of us are living same day from Monday till Friday. After few months you feel like it was just a week. And few after years, it feels like it was a month. I woke up 3 times. And that's only because three accidents happened during my work. At the last ambulance came for me. And it was half a year ago. After this accident, I quit my job and told myself that if I have to kick, I prefer to go to my goals and plans. It is better to die to try than to be tormented throughout your life doing what you do not.

I haven't watched the video. But your absolutely right. Sorry to hear that about your accidents. I do like to hear that you had a change of heart and my situation is similar but didn't have an accident involved but you said it very well, my brother in law said the same thing to me before... he would rather die than work at his job another year...sometimes its serious and in desperate need for change.

@alphasteem you look so beautiful in open hair,

This is so true. I’ve actually followed this principal my entire life and although it hasn’t always worked out, following what I loved to do ended up becoming my livlihood. #motivationallydia

I agree, it has to be done with a realistic approach haha. Glad to hear that it worked out 😀

Loved this ^^

This is a great message for everyone to hear! :)

Thanks @steempowerment, really glad you enjoyed it.

definitely one of the best cliche's in existence and the reason it's a cliche is that it turns out to be true. Most people don't get the opportunity to do what they love or come to the realization that they can change directions and move toward that. The hardest part for me is figuring out what I love and where my passions are. That takes a lot of inner work and I'm struggling with that very problem at the moment.

I am very fortunate to say that I love what I do, and I do not feel that what I do is work. I have "worked" every day for past year and people ask me if I get fatigued. I always reply that I love what I do.

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