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One of the things I learnt from my Dad growing up is that the mind of a human is the laboratory where his life is programmed. No human on earth has ever prospered or succeeded beyond the concept and perception of himself in his heart. This also implies that the picture in a human's mind determines the outcome of his life.

It is important to know this because what you see becomes your meditation which is transferred to your mind as thoughts and you are automatically transformed into your thoughts.
*For example, if all you think of yourself is to find money for food everyday, pay your bills and be just like that, then for such person life will always be cycled and recycled around that channel. To break out of that lifestyle, all you need to do is to see life beyond food and paying bills. When your meditation changes, you'll develop a sudden new mindset. When your mindset changes, your thought changes and you are automatically transformed into your thoughts.


●No one is valued more than their self worth.
●You can not become what you think you are not.
●You can not have what you don't believe you deserve.
●Your mind is like a vehicle taking you to a destination, no one travels faster than the speed of the vehicle he is in. You can't get ahead of your mind.
●If your life is ran by other people's opinion or mindset, you'll end up in the wrong place.
●No one surpasses the state of his mind.
●Above all, you mind is like a computer that programmes your life, you become what is programmed in it.

I have always told myself that, it doesn't cost me anything to put the right pictures in my mind. I owe no one any cost for the pictures I decided to visualize in my mind. That means we are responsible for the content of our mind.

At times when I begin to think negatively and I suddenly realize, all I need to do is to edit my mind. This is because I have realised that I have a will over my own mind, I can choose what I want to think and i can choose not to think what I don't want to.

Failure and success are both products of the mind. No one takes the blame for another man's failure, and likewise no one takes the credit for another man's success. You are responsible for your own life.

Don't hesitate to put away people who are not going to the same destination with you. You owe them no apology. Some people just want to be stumbling blocks on your way, shake them off! You can always know people who are going the same way with you through their mindset. The moment you sense people of negative mindset towards your destination, cut them off! Don't feel sorry your actions.

Keep company only with people of you kind of mindset. Don't accompany yourself with someone who is a negative catalyst to the your dream.

Be consistent and committed to what you want to become. Sometimes you'll feel like quiting but what keeps you firm is the convictions of your mind. Giving up is never an option for a winner.

Summarily, all I'm saying is, 'The most important factor to what you can become in life is your mind'. If you don't like your present situation, don't go too far, don't think too deep, just have a change of mind.

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