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Finding the purpose of of living is a journey that all must embark on. That moment when you find out who you are and what you have been called for is what many hope to aspire. This journey inspires the infamous quote that says "everybody dies not everybody lives". Truly life is to know, work and achieve your purpose.

Have you ever noticed how being turned down can stop you from trying again?
While some people are able to bounce back after been rejected, others might not be able to get over it.
We all experience the sting of rejection, but you have to be mentally strong to move past the feeling and try again. Your ability to stand again when you fall in your journey of life is what makes you a winner. This life is like a market square where different people from different parts of the world have come together. In the market, there are people that are bound not to mind their own business and so they will definitely try not to allow you successful and so they will bring up different antics to reject you. The good news is when you concentrate on what you are there for, then you will definitely surpass the rejection.

Some blame their love for someone on the fact that they were too nice and gave you the green light (the light you assumed was green). It is nobody's fault that you fell in love with someone who does not feel the same thing about you. Don't be ashamed of having been in love and you have lost it. In life, you win some and you lose some so you should stop blaming your self in every situation.

In life, you can cry all you want. It is normal for you to cry. Crying doesn't make you less of a woman or man (like some will say, it is on ladies that cries) neither does it make you a weakling. Express your feelings, pour them out to a friend who is matured enough to understand how you feel. But then, you need to stop blaming yourself and get yourself back into the game. If you have a fault in your relationship and it is bringing your emotions down, you must remain strong.

Shake it all off and determine to be happy. Only you have the key to remaining happy unless you have decided to hand it over to other people. It doesn't matter where you start from all that matters is where you end it.

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A good life starts with less of thinking over what is spoilt.
Thanks for sharing.