When ambition is no more

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What will matter is that thing that matters when nothing else matters.

We live in a very careless generation where people mind the immediate and ignore the ultimate. You see, people prepare for wedding but never prepare for the marriage – their wedding succeeded but the marriage is a mess. In the same manner, you see people with great ambitions of achieving diverse things on the earth but with zero ambition concerning eternity. What a tragedy!
The question is, what is the ambition of millions of those lying dead at the cemeteries of the world? What is the ambition of those in mortuaries? What do they want to achieve? What is on their expectation cards? Nothing!

Beloved, don’t waste your life chasing shadows. A time will come when ambition would be zero. That is, no more ambition to pursue, and that is when the Owner of life has taken it.
What will you do if the curtains of time are drawn and the channels of eternity are opened? What will you do when the silver cord is broken, when the golden pitcher is broken? What will you do when man returns to his age-long home, when dust returns back to his dust and the spirit returns to the Maker? What will you do when no one cares how well dressed you are because, of course, no one cares about how well dressed a dead person looks? What will you do when nobody cares how fine or beautiful you look because no one cares how beautiful a dead person looks?
Please, don’t spend your life time chasing vanity; don’t squander your time on things that don’t really matter. What will you do if you have just 24 hours to live on earth because one day you will have just 24 hours left to be alive? Will you be able to meet God the way you are looking now? What will you have to straighten out in your life if you have been told that only 24 hours is left for you to be alive. Please straighten it now. Do it now!

REMEMBER THIS: What will matter is that thing that matters when nothing else matters

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