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The greatest way of knowing how to do things is by doing it. We often withhold ourselves from diving into actions because we want to live a carefree life. We don't want to fail, we think our failures are compendium of our livings. What a paradox..

No man that likes to fail,or lose. But I've not seen a successful man that has not for once be a failure.

"Show me a happy loser and I show you and I'll show you a failure...Abraham mercy

Todd trisda says the costly the mistakes I make, the higher I go..because I always learn from my mistakes.

Run away from any teacher or leader that has not made any mistakes in the past. How do you identify a best teacher or leader? Simply because of their mistakes and the lessons learnt. Don't wait until you have all it takes to take actions, time like that may never come.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, the crux is to learn from your mistakes. Dive into the pool of actions today.

Start that business

Start that carrier

Start start I say start…..

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