Monthly Mothers meeting at @SchoolForSDG4

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Dear Steemains,

Yesterday was Friday. Day off for Bangladeshi people. But we had a monthly mothers meeting at @SchoolForSDG4. It was hard to arrange a meeting without the day off. During school time kids are full at school and we sometime can't make long time conversation with mothers.


It was a hard day off for me as there were many tasks for me in the schedule and I had to complete all the work. 21 Women came to join in the meeting and some were busy at home. We talked about school recent activities and so on. As kids are going to participate 2nd term exam next month, I asked them to help us and guide their kids at home more carefully. I also talked about some rules at school and development of @WomenEmpowerment project. They are also excited to see a new sewing machine too.

@WomenEmpowerment received a new donation from @ADollarADay project run by @pennsif and thanks to donors of the project recent donors @pennsif, @attoan.cmt, @globocop, @goldendawne, @kryptoe, @lyndsaybowes, @quochuy, @steemcommunity and @yabapmatt .


My bad photography. Not much clean to show and As I was alone in the meeting so no one was to record our meeting too. I am waiting for @lindahas post and she will try to explain more better than me. She is someone helped school more wisely and generously.

Women empowerment is supported by @fundition and @AdollarADay project. if you have not heard about @fundition, read our website and for any question, ask on discord app.

| Email : [email protected]

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We are experiencing hot summer and hard to continue classes

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Orders in process for @r2cornell and @jessicakluthe by @WomenEmpowerment

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Monthly food gifts to underprivileged families.

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Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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Good work, খুব ভাল লাগল। 😊

You are a good man.
Keep the good work going on.

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