All For My Sweet Mother [Episode 5]

in #motherhood3 years ago

My mother rushed into the room. She pleaded that it was enough and when he was not ready to listen to her, she grabbed the cane from him and pulled it off his hand.
It's okay sweetheart. You don't have to kill him, he is your Son, he said.


What stupid son will keep on disgracing me with his bad character? my father bellowed. My mother sighed. Sweetheart, he is not a stupid son and he does not have a bad character, he is only a child. She said.

That incensed my father, Indeed! he grunted that is how you will spoil this boy.
My mother took me out of the room, I had welts on my body.
You will not kill me, you this child; she said to me as she rubbed balm on my body. She gave me food afterward and she put me to bed.

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