All For My Sweet Mother [Episode 4]

in #motherhood3 years ago

When we got home that afternoon, my father called me into his room and ordered me to kneel down. I obeyed, it was the trouble that I knew would come. I just hated that teacher for reporting me.
You want to discgrace me everywhere with your bad behaviour right? I will let you know that I am the right person to clip your wings before you can fly and go astray, he said.

He pulled out his cane from under his bed. This was the dreadful cane he usually referred to as Dr.Do-Good.
I began to beg him to spare me. Daddy please, I will not do it again, I beg you in the name of God.


He glowered. Shut up! Haven't I warned you never to call the name of the Lord in vain?
Please Daddy, please don't beat me. God will bless you and give you plenty money, I cried.

My pleas and even prayers did not deter him. He was a no-nonsense man who so much believed that it was a mortal sin to spare the rod and spoil the child. He whipped me and I cried out loud.


Fathers can be harsh, but it is needed for guidance.

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