Some fun stories with Amma

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Once in my childhood, I have been playing the election for the smallest appellant and groom brothers. During the election, there was a fierce rivalry. Amma Aisha, from the room next to me, said that I was the election's police. Myar started saying this. Apart from the election, Palayya Jan Banchiisi,
One morning, I did not do the morning prayers, but I was sleeping. I started my throat in my hair tina sleeping. I ran on crying crying. I got a scholarship examination of class Eight. I got a scholarship picilam. My mother told me in the morning, I did not give the mear in the morning. Toure
I did not have too much difference between the age and the age of the brothers. If two people were like twins, then there would be two people. One of them used to eat meat. It was a bath. It meant that it was dead. Soap was used by the soap, but it was the only one that could give instant chat. Earlier, I used to sleep in the sun in the sunlight after hearing about the bathing of bathing. Then my mother actually said that my fever is coming. Thus, Yaitama survived the fooling around.
Once, I was eating bananas. Once I saw my mother, I saw her in the face of my whole body. I went to the chest of the banana and went to the neck of the banana. I did not understand anything, my breathing was stopped. I went to bed and grabbed my mother. As soon as the cloak was pulled out, I went out and ran out of my mother's fear. Our mother would not cry or laugh.

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