ideas for mother's day !

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Jewelry, flowers and chocolates are a great gift, but it is worth to read the list of things that every mother dreams about. Remember that the most valuable things are usually free and you can not buy them absolutely. In Poland Mother's Day falls on May 26, however, this date is different for each country.


  • Free time

Every mother dreams of a day off work and daily duties related to home and children. Give her a day like that - free from preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning or taking care of your person. Let him do what he wants and what he dreams from dawn to night, and do not ask unnecessary questions.

  • Clean up the house

Relieve your mother or wife and clean up the house for a flash. You can do it yourself, with the help of children, or rent a lady for a few hours. Do not forget to disguise bedding, wash windows and do the laundry!

  • SPA day

Prepare your mother a bubble bath with candles, make manic and pedicure, massage your face and put a face mask on your face. Make your mother feel beautiful, neat and relaxed.

  • A voucher for a cafe
    For those addicted to coffee, such a voucher will be a real gift from heaven. You can give it as a gift for a Women's Day for women you do not know so well, eg for a friend from work.

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