Reduce weight after becoming a mother

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Healthy eating habits and specific back-body exercises are available back to the physical structure before pregnancy.

Indian Nutritionist Ria Wahi says to add special food to food. Tervine Didi, an athlete's physiotherapist and India's Exercise Fitness gym chief, said special exercise strategies.

Eating habits

  • Fert, vegetable, cereal meal, 'lynn protein' such as fish, soya, chicken meat etc. must be of course. The milk should be without except the lime-free or 'low-fat'. Iron made sheets are also very important.

  • Vitamin C is very beneficial to cure wounds caused by childbirth through 'C Sections' or 'Caesarean'.

  • Almond mixed rice is quite healthy. Keep them at hand to meet the small appetite.

  • In the morning breakfast, 'low-fat' can eat cereal based cereal with milk. Or light fried mushrooms with whole egged eggs. A piece of fruit with low-fat cheeses. Talk diapers are effective to reduce weight.


  • 'Kegel' or 'Pelvic Flour Exercise' strengthens the abdominal muscles, these muscles hold the lower abdominal organs. These muscles weaken during childbirth. So these exercises may seem very difficult after having a mother. But according to the expert advice, the exercises will gradually reduce the pain.

  • Another exercise, 'Pelvic Tilt'. Lie down, fold two knees. On the floor there will be leaves of feet, just hold the waist upside down and keep it straight two seconds. This exercise will be done three to five times daily.

  • Rotate the foot leaves 10 times towards the clockwise, then the opposite 10 more times. Standing, sitting, exercising in different situations should be done three to five times a day.

  • Get your back on the back of the back, fold one knee. Straighten the ankle toe to the ground. Again, fold the ankle to knees in the same way. Be careful that the backs are in parallel to the ground.

  • Can start aerobics after childbirth. But after knowing that the body is ready for it then it will have to be started. That's why the doctor's advice is important.

And after starting to overcome all the complexity, the walk will start. And if it is healthy after the miscarriage then it is necessary to swim back to bed as soon as possible.


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