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This year has given a new meaning to Mother's Day for me. Not because I am a new mother but because I get to understand what it takes to be a mother. Giving birth to a child is just the beginning of it all, as most us know. By seeing my mother take care of my child when she was with us a few months back, I got to see a glimpse of how she took care of us when we were born.

When I was younger, I wasn't very close to my mother. Well, being a middle child, I wasn’t really close to either of my parents. That doesn’t mean I don’t love them; I do love them. I was quite independent, I love to be by myself. I often shut myself in my room and just draw all day. As long as I keep my school performance up and make my parents proud of my grades, I’m good.

I don’t have a clear memory of how we spent Mother’s day in the past. But I can remember that I always try to keep my mother’s mood up but will always fail because there will always be a reason to be upset, be it the dishes weren’t done or one of my siblings (lol). But regardless, our Mother’s day celebration would be a roasted chicken, a noodle variant (spaghetti or pancit), and soft drinks for dinner, as most of our celebrations would be.

But this Mother’s day, as I said, is a very special one. When she was here in Japan, a few months back, it was quite a revelation of her situation as a new mother. I always feel frustrated when my baby would not drink from my breast and she would tell me that she was the same when she had my older brother. Again, I felt I was a failure of a wife because I cannot cook. When I told her about it, she also told me she couldn’t do the same. This was especially surprising for me because she can always whip out something out of anything,

She would then tell me that I will always have to start somewhere. I will always fail at something. Everything as a trial and error and that’s just fine. Just be strong. These words hit me the most because I always try to do things perfectly.

What does it take to be a mother? It will take a whole of a woman to be a mother. The meaning behind “I need to be strong” will take a new meaning. My presence will mean the whole world for my child. I do not need to be the perfect mother, I just have to be her mother.

On my first Mother’s day, I raise a toast to the woman who gave her all and is the best mother we can have. I strive to be as strong as you are for my little Red Jewel.

A quick sketch I made as a gift to the mothers in my life

Belated Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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