Mossad and The Black Sun of Kali Yuga

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Phillip Arp has been in the news before, he ran an artificial cover for a mossad outfit heavily linked to the New Zealand shooting hoax predictive programming and fake news articles written by the judeo-masonic pedophile complex of New Zealand. His car as seen in 2017 in his 32 Rowland Linwood, Christchurch address as well as at the Al-Noor Mosque(it was the vehicle that diappeared in the video no sound but ran over the cone with it never being on the road) along with him in red or his team of handlers one of many for the psyop operation.


Israeli Shills operate hard and heavy on 2 platforms that are jewish owned and operated behind a veil of secrecy and crypto shabbos frontmen.


Mossad has an extensive history using Christchurch as a base of operations as a nexus for infiltration into the muslim world.


New Zealand and Judaic Freemasonry have a long storied tradition together involving horrendous pedophile scandals.

Senator Hale Boggs's relative, the Senator who partially exposed the Jew hit on JFK...

The shits fucked up. Muslim brothehood cryptos, sayanim, masonic entities, OTO all appear to be involved in this mass produced pile of garbage. Secured by illegal drugs, child rape and pedophilia on an organized and heavy industrial scale, along with sick tranhumanist underpinnings, all designed to smear opposition and further pave way for satanic judaica's massive worldwide imposition of Blade Runner for the goyim. The destruction of all peoples, nations, religions, and submission to some satanic pile of mixed gobbly gook run by child raping rabbis.

My Channel was banned before the hoax knowing I would be all over it. Not just making fun of "Google Moot".
8chan is literally run by a talmudic tick named Aaron Parnes its a fed honeypot, intel gathering, and spying operation for blackops. Kali Yuga Black Sun posts with the same wording are spat out everyday on the chans by the same mossady group, no one bites hence the few patsies they have been able to procure with setup attempts for mass media brainwashing of the stupid goyim to hate themselves and not resist zionist tyranny.

Urban Moving headed back underground, its not safe out there.


Just one example of the mass brainwashing attempts on the /POL/ boards not including the Adelson-Gabbard two faced janus bs.


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