What do you choose: Good or Evil?

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Hello Steem.
We live in a wonderful world.
This is a time of great opportunity and change. The processes around us and within us are unstable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It is if you look at them from the perspective of "philosophy of survival". And if you look from the perspective of a fundamentally different philosophy of life - "Happiness" - the time of great opportunities and changes will be revealed as an Era of Incredible Individual Opportunities. That is, each of us can potentially be at the right time in the right place and find HAPPINESS.

In our modern world, you can meet people whose inner world is low, heavy, in which there is a lot of hatred and power. It is important for them that the people around them revered only the " philosophy of survival "and did not know about"Happiness". These are easier to manage, use their vital energy.

One in world live and high, lungs, evolutionary people, in which many Love. For lower important: the development of full self-disclosure, testing the high impulse of the soul. It is important for evolutionary people that people gradually discover" happiness " and be filled with It.
Good does not fight evil, just does its job.

Every force acting in the world creates its own realities for man: evil - its Own, and Good - its own. Sometimes Good uses provocation of evil, to conduct human through a series of tests, in which him will have discovered chance to be purified, get stronger, change.
On us constantly act and good forces, and evil forces. But as soon as he remembers the freedom of will, freedom of choice-he has a chance to make informed decisions.
First of all, you choose with what power to live: good or evil?

At first glance, evil power has considerable advantages. To become evil, insensitive - and to take everything from life. If she does not give - so take the power. You will only do as you please, ignoring the needs of the weak. Just using people who can't use you. If you do that, you survive, you won't be eaten.

If you choose the good power, at first glance, it looks questionable. If you are kind, everyone will take advantage of you. If you can't raise your hand, you'll be beaten. Will all sympathize and all regret will not notice how you get robbed blind. If you do, you'll be hurt by betrayal.
Let's look at the history of mankind, only the strongest have always survived. Good-this weak and naive. They took first.

For a naive and immature person, this is exactly what it looks like. And his poor soul is not calm: he rushes between good and evil. But common sense says it's better to get in touch with the evil to survive. And if we add to this the fact that some evil people wear masks of good nature, not showing their true face, it immediately becomes clear why their soul is not calm.

A person comes in every crucial moment of life to weigh all the "pros" and "cons".
The human philosophy of survival States: "Life is a very difficult thing. If you want to survive-become strong, seize power, money, resources. Or find a strong man and serve him, be with him. It's something to protect you. Otherwise, you'll be eaten. Every man for himself. And there is no happiness in life."
Under the influence of a sick "philosophy of survival" we cry over another fall. We worry about tomorrow and do not fully live today, yearn or scold yesterday...
And as a result, all that we have been given, we miss. We close ourselves off from reality and its gifts. And when miracles and gifts still penetrate into our lives, we experience shock and confusion.

First, we need to understand what kind of philosophy of life forms around us the reality in which we live. Then you need to want to change your life with all your heart. Make a decision to replace the reality you have now with a fresh, healthy and happy one. Then you need to consciously and vigilantly monitor the actions within yourself, get rid of the virus of old actions.
Learn how to neutralize them with a sense of humor. It is important to develop a habit of laughing and being happy.
If you purposefully work on yourself, then gradually you will master the amazing art of life-with simplicity and ease.