MyFamilyLive#1_How we spend the weekend

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Hello, Steemens!

I'm excited about this weekend. So many interesting things happened. And just decided to share with you part of the fun.

My morning starts very early, Wake up at 6:30 am o'clock in the morning. But I go to bed early 22: 30pm, and can 23: 00pm. This schedule suits me very well.

Now the sun in Moscow is getting bigger and bigger. In fact, I really missed it, but the snow is now enough until the next New Year))

Because I get up early, I have a lot to do. This is the biggest plus. It won't be 11: 00 am in the morning, and I've already done everything around the house)

I want you to meet my family, brother and sister. This Saturday we attended a cooking lesson where only they cooked. And this is so nice)) of Course in terms of austerity for me) after All that have prepared, then and ate)

I love such events. You can learn something new and just have a good time. To invite, such as friends and together shatter) Class!!

At this culinary event brother and sister learned to cook: non-Alcoholic Mojito and sandwich. Yummy was awesome, yummy. And all this under the watchful chef who will tell you how to do and how much to add.

I here is think, too, telling something similar for their friends. Gather the company and start collecting interesting dish, but most importantly, choose something easy. Not everyone can cook.)))


Hey @margarita-de They're beautiful.... I would love to know them more..

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