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RUSKI — Russian restaurant in Moscow city

"Russian cuisine at the height" — perhaps the most suitable slogan for the Russian restaurant "RUSKI", located on the 85th floor of the tower "Oko" in Moscow city. This is the highest restaurant in Europe with a gorgeous panoramic view of the whole of Moscow, the longest open kitchen and an eight-meter oven, a unique ice bar and a real Russian gastronomy in the best traditions. It is possible to list its raisins infinitely, but all in order. Let's start with the General concept.


The whole concept of the Russian restaurant in Moscow city, from the name (namely "RUSKI", which allows you to clearly read the nationality, without any anglicisms) and ending with the smallest elements of decor, carries a powerful energy of Russian culture. Getting to the 85th floor of a skyscraper, you plunge into the full power and breadth of the immense Russian soul. In front of you, at a glance, offering a panoramic view on whole Moscow and if you want a professional guide will take you on a personal tour of the restaurant and show you the most interesting sights of Moscow from the height of bird flight.

The restaurant is interesting for both native Muscovites and foreign guests of the city, for whom the restaurant provides a menu in English. For the little ones there is a children's playroom with a nanny, so you can relax comfortably without worrying about the leisure of your children. The restaurant usually has a high degree of workload, so when planning large-scale events or weekend evening, it is better to take care of the table armor in advance by calling the call center (as we did). You can ask for a table by the window and enjoy a gorgeous view of the entire golden-domed.


A special reason for the pride of the restaurant is obliged to the team of designers from the Bureau Megre Interiors, which faced a difficult task: succinctly and colorfully tell about the Russian soul and history, while avoiding hackneyed solutions. As a result — light avant-garde interior, permeated with elements from the past, while embodying the trends of the future. The restaurant is built on the principle of the core of the kitchen and guest areas located on the perimeter. Here everything is thought out to the last detail. Already climbing the front stairs, you begin to gradually catch the Russian motifs : aspen grove, which adorns the staircase itself, as you know, a symbol of purification from evil spirits. Thus, passing through it — you leave all the bad outside the restaurant and plunge into the atmosphere of comfort and security.

Conventionally, the restaurant can be divided into several thematic areas: the main hall "Hauberk", well-zoned with chain mail nets, fabulously shimmering in the sunset. Here is the first fully open Russian cuisine and one of the main features of the restaurant — a unique eight-meter oven. This is not only an element of decor — the oven functions and it is baked those same gastro-masterpieces, which I will tell you later. Then follows the hall "The feather of the Firebird" (decorated with a unique installation in the form of a feather Firebird, a conditional tribute to the magical world of Russian fairy tales). Another unique hall of the restaurant — "Soviet" (the main theme of which was Russian cubism and constructivism) is striking in its scope. Each element of decor: furniture, light, accessories — is permeated with the atmosphere and its unique flavor, and it is not accidental, because all this was going from all over the country!

Separate attention deserves a unique and unique Ice Bar, made entirely from blocks of ice. This is the world's highest Ice Bar, which has no analogues. It is impossible to imagine the real Russian soul without winters and warming shots of vodka topped with caviar appetizer. For the most authentic immersion in the atmosphere of Russia, you should definitely visit it! You will be wrapped in furs, a specially trained person will tell and show you all the delights of this entertaining attraction. And, of course, you can take a photo for memory, because such an event can not be ignored. Just by this time your appetite will be developed, and you will be able to start tasting of the main dishes which in the menu a huge set.


As you have already understood, the menu at RUSKI restaurant in Moscow city is based exclusively on traditional Russian dishes, but the modern creative approach has not been canceled. The kitchen is run by chef Alexander Volkov-Medvedev, who skillfully combines age-old traditions with his unique designs.

The menu is divided conveniently and competently, from each section you can choose something to try (as we did). In cold and hot appetizers there are such native to the Russian perception of the position: aspic, pickling and watering, pickled mushrooms, giblets, a large selection of dumplings and dumplings. And that's what the "smorrebrod" we have learned directly from the waiter. Of course, the menu is rich in the first dishes: soup, borsch (unrealistically delicious), soup – choose any. The most interesting thing begins with the selection of hot dishes.

For lovers of fish and meat — convenient separation and the widest selection in both directions: pike, salmon, trout, halibut, lamb, chicken, pork, beef, duck and even lamb! It should be noted that all this is cooked in a Russian oven, and the taste of these dishes is really special. In addition, you can choose dishes cooked on the grill and any side dish to them. A special section is baking, here it is insanely delicious. On my second visit to this place I tried cheesecakes made with melted milk — and it, without a twinge of conscience, were the most delicious cheesecakes in my life.


In general, the restaurant is not something that met my expectations, but even exceeded them. Incredible view, interior, interesting concept, delicious cuisine, extremely polite staff, elegant service in General left the most pleasant and positive impressions. Here you want to come back again and again, at least in order to plunge into the atmosphere of this holiday called "Rus".


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