NextColony Game Statistics Updates 10-08-2019

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Hi my Steemians friends.

The NextColony game still on the top 10 on the dapp web site stateofthedapps,and today i will share with you the seven (07) days statistics comming from :

Users :


Average in 7 days:

  • Active users: 1405 a day
  • New users: 11 a day


Items activated :

steemweb-pl-statistics-next-colony-ITEM ACTIVATION.png

Average in 7 days:

  • Chests: 10 a day
  • Runes: 22 a day
  • Blueprints: 21 a day

Operations War Conflicts :


Average in 7 days:

  • Attack: 707 a day
  • Support: 5 a day
  • Shield Enable: 51 a day
  • Siege: 13 a day
  • Break Siege: 1 a day

Cosmos Missions :

steemweb-pl-statistics-next-colony-COSMOS missions.png

Average in 7 days :

  • Explore space: 6359 a day
  • Transport: 94 a day
  • Attack: 707 a day
  • Deploy: 383 a day

Ressources transposted :


Average in 7 days :

  • Coal: 37281 a day
  • Ore: 21362 a day
  • Copper: 11474 a day
  • Uranium: 6355 a day

Ships built :


Barre 2.png


Thank you for dropping by.
Peace and love
Paix et amour


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هل تريد إضافة شيء ؟ أترك لي تعليقا أدناه!.


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