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in morocco •  2 months ago

This is like a childhood fairy landscape?!
Big stones to climb on and fresh green grass. I'd love to run around and look for the little secrets...

It's peaceful and my mind can breathe, by the way the air is so clean and fresh.
Take a deep breath and enjoy the view.

"If you have any questions, ask the old stones" said a man to me. May he is right?
I'd say, they have a wisdom...

Just a picture I wanted to share ;-)

And here we are! The perfect place for young boys to play! Got water, got stones, got fantasy - let's start!

This is small waterfall, but it is beautiful and calming. The wet air is good for the lungs, after we hiked up here to see it.

Goodbye, mountains.
I will leave now and have a meal.

Have a great day everyone!
Greetings from @e-troubled

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