1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 03 - The Diary Game Season 2 - Visit in a park and meet with Nature

in #morningwalk2 years ago

Hello steemians...
I hope you all very well
Today I wake up at 5 a.m in the early morning and I'm ready for morning walk and wear my favorite nike sport shoes, my trouser, T-shirt with my headphones and listening melody and classic songs, firstly we walked for warm up my body and then my body is warmed up I was running slowly slowly with listening songs on light volume, after some time I reached in a lovely park who is near my home about 1.5 km. There I do some exercises and yoga , yoga and exercise must important for our health so I can do everyday. It produces positive energy in our body.

After yoga and exercise I have take some rest and I'm going to sit on a bench and see surrounded of me with silently, I saw many types of flower, leaves, grass, some pets, some flowers are fall down from the branches of plants, many kinds of colorful flowers looks very amazing, I stood and go to near of flowers and touched it, water drops are shining on the flowers like diamonds.

I smell all types of flowers in the garden. then I think god makes everything in this world with its beauty, and I captured some pictures of flowers, leaves, plants and grass with my Samsung Galaxy On8 mobile.

After spending some time with flowers and plants I returned at my home and go to for bath, and my mother ready my breakfast on the table, after the shower I went to worship of god for thank u give me everything , and then going for breakfast and pray again from god to give me food and start to eat. After breakfast I'm going to my study. After 3 hours of studying I goes to meet my friend and do some gossips and return to home. After some time my mother give me lunch I washed my hands properly and going to eat lunch, after the lunch I see a movie in my mobile on Netflix the movie name is The Old Guard.
Its a amazing movie on Netflix its a actin and fantasy movie charlize theron is playing main role in this movie she leads a group of immortal warriors Gina prince - Bythewood's fresh take on the superhero genre, "The old Guard" could just as well have been called " The New Blood" . charlize Theron is a fearless, furious sandy , the movie is superb.
In lockdown's situation time not passed out ,so movie is the best option to spend out of time. In the evening I went for walk with my friends and talk about beautiness of nature that nature is gives to we everything and we should thank to him and we enjoyed sunset and then my mother calling me and then I went to home after some time.

It's very awesome day passed for me
Thank u 😊.

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