Well it's level 43

in more •  15 days ago 

its not supposed to go easy, but it should work in one streak if you dont miss, the one thing is "big blue" is random ... so im thinking of putting that one in "hardcore mode" later. Dont get much done lately, everything going backwards everywhere. The just-do-it people dont seem to understand if it were that easy i wouldnt be sitting HERE by now and its kinda hard to focus if after five minutes of sitting down you feel like you get a tourniquet around your neck.
Yea .. phaser is certainly not aimed at high-school scratchers but since im a rank amateur hobbyist its not really Fairlight demoscene level either. Dont stare blind at those bezier curves and stuff. If you dig deep enough in the docs and learn what language those people use in explaining it takes care of most of the math.

i'm moving my witness votes away from this account and i only keep witness votes from one account , don't feel visé and start sniping me or something plz ... 10 accounts with a vote is the same sp at the cost of curation for the owner ... 10 accounts witness-voting is kinda cheatin , yea i have weird notions
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