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One or more things we do or say every day/most of the times is our habits. Our habits has a power to change the course of our life in any directions. What we do on daily basis defines us today and shapes into a person we become tomorrow.

We wake up in the morning to brush our teeth, take a bath and eat food. Some of us jog at the park or go to gym, we go to work come back and rest and so on. All of these are our routine and some of these are habits too. Like to eat an egg every day or to exercise every day is a good habit.

Our habits make a bigger impact on our personality. It is not just said like that to teach good habits to children. It decides the course of their life.

Some people have habit of reading books, helping other which are positive and some has habits of talking about other people, talking too much, interfering in the others matter, chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes, digging nose, etc. All these habits of ours will either attract or distract the people around us.

Our habits are something we choose ourselves and we make it as a part of our lives. We have been living our habits from quite a long time and it is not easy to give up quickly.

Sometimes we ask someone to give up their bad habits but they confuse their habits with their personalities and say that we are trying to change them. Definitely it does change them a little bit or more, if they change their habits. If we have a habit of getting up late every morning and if we start to wake up early then we can do more things. It changes the way we live our life, but we will still be a same person from our heart. It does change only the way of living.

Teach your kids to implement good habits and let them know about the bad habits too. We humans are such a curious creatures that we would like to go to the place forbidden. More we try to protect our loved one from the bad things, more vulnerable they become. Teach them to understand the things in life and make them capable to face the challenges on their own. We all have to live our life ourselves.

Something we believe are related to our habits. For an example; in our country, we see how the people drive on the road and it’s amazing. I am not sure why are people so much in hurry and where are they going towards? Even the public buses are in hurry, but why? Some of them even don’t stop at stops made for them to let the passenger board the bus until someone on the bus ask them to stop.

Zebra crossings are something we don’t use. It is not that people in our country are not educated. Well we have people with degrees but without any social values or civic sense. The traffic lights are meant to control the traffic flow making the smooth movement of all the vehicles and convenient for all of us. But who obeys that? It is not that we cannot do or we are different but we’ve a habit of saying that we cannot change. If not us, who will change the things around, at our place? Someone from outside will not come to bring a change. This is why the moral lesson is important in everyone’s life.

How can only few people following the rules can change such things around? This is call the habit of believing something we haven’t tried to change. I wonder a people driving Mercedes, BMW too cross zebra crossing when the light is red, leaving no place for pedestrian to walk.

No one can be taught, everyone has to learn on our own. Definitely I am not here to teach all the people. It is up to us to decide how we want to live and what all we can do to bring a change in a society to make a better place to live in. What kind of habits we would like to develop and teach our kids. It is all up to us to decide.

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