What happened to the family unit?

in #morality4 months ago


The ideal environment for a child is a stable family with a working father, the protector and bread winner and a housewife mother, the home economist, who administers the family affairs and works in partnership with the father in the families best interests. They are married. The moral standard of the family is rooted in the 10 commandments. This system historically has produced more well educated, morally sound productive members of society from children than any other family system. There are exceptions to every generalization but GENERALLY my statement is true.

Now then, if you want to understand the democratic party, figure out why they have sought to destroy this ideal family unit by promoting relative moral truth, no fault divorce, abortion, promiscuity, homosexuality, gender switching, bumbling fatherhood, single motherhood and wife swapping.

If you can't figure it out, let me tell you. If you destroy the Godly ordained family unit that functions supremely in promoting morality and productivity you undermine the society and culture, bring about poverty, amorality and social discord and make a takeover by collective government much simpler. That's what Kruschcev taught us back in 1960.

If our schools were teaching history young people would know this but they don't. Do you think our schools not teaching history any longer is an accident? An oversight? It's on purpose because it prevents young people from knowing where they're being led.

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