Social constructs.

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One of the more horrifying trends is the addition of the word "just" being placed in front of "a social construct" -- as if social constructs aren't a big deal, and can be changed at will with no consequences. It seems that people want to think that social constructs aren't good or bad, or built in reality, or a matter of truth.

Morality is a social construct. It's not just a social construct. It's a deeply important social construct.

When a boat is sinking, and they announce "Women and children first." when loading the life boats, that's a social construct. When war is declared, and we draft men and not women, that's a social construct. It's a social construct built by biology. We could load the men into the lifeboats first, and we could send the women to war instead of the men; but, that'd be a bad idea if we want to keep human beings on this planet. Among men, women, and children, men are the most dispensable in terms of reproductive value. Men are also generally bigger and stronger and more violent, so, we're better as people operating cannons, and as cannon fodder.

Maternal instincts aren't a social construct -- they're biological. Still, social constructs emerge because of maternal instincts.

Scandinavia has done more than any region in the world to promote gender equality through law, and we've seen more divergence. Men tend to be interested in things, while women tend to be more interested in people. When people are left to make free choices, more men choose to be engineers, and more women go into medicine. Sure, you can say that gender is a social construct; but, it's not just a social construct.

That last point is a big problem. There is a large correlation between girls who detransition, and girls who are on the autism spectrum. Autistic people are more interested in things than people; so, a lot of young, autistic girls get convinced by the medical industrial complex that they're actually boys, and start getting pumped full of drugs at the age of twelve.

The only way that somebody can be dismissive of social constructs, is to have an agenda that he or she values above his or her own conscience.

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