Night Time Ending Part | A very simple love letter

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This Poem is written by Moral Babu. Hello dear friends, this is Moral Babu again. I have 10,000+ Bengali Poems (More Than Ten Thousand). Now I want to share the Ending Part of the Bengali Poem Night Time Ending Part | A very simple love letter (Bengali name is 'Ratreebela') on Steemit. It's a 500 lines Poem, I am sharing this Poem part by part. So, let's have some fun.




This Poem is written by Moral Babu as well as all Photos are captured & created by Moral Babu.

Read previous part of Night Time | A very simple love letter (Bengali name is 'Ratreebela').

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Again you wrote a awesome poem my dear @moralbabu. I like the ending part of your Night Time | A very simple love letter very much. Thanks for sharing this awesome poem and wish your very good luck.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you very much @selimita for your well reply. I also wish your good luck. After publishing my poem always I am waiting for your reply. Thanks again for stay with me.

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