Dear Black People

in moorish •  9 months ago

This post is intended to spark enlightenment surrounding our racial status by showing the proof of our actual nationality as proven by President Obama. It is commonly stated that our black president did nothing for black people while in office and when looking at our selves as "black people" you would be correct on the assumption that he did nothing for our people. But, when we are in our right mind and we are educated on who we really are you quickly realize the contrary.

So, I just wanted to explain in this post "Dear black much as you may disagree you are NOT black you ARE Moorish. It was the result of systemic oppression that we were removed from our right mind and from equal education, housing, and economic opportunity.

During President Obama's tenure as president, he took some important steps for us to free our selves while staying under the radar. This first is passing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I have attached two videos explaining the work.

"Go to 3:29 in the below video (for all those who lack comprehension) 3rd paragraph. Our people have been unlawfully 'naturalized' (made foreigners and/or given foreign citizenship in our own land)! This document says 'Moorish Empire' not 'Moroccan Kingdom' the 'Country'!

That's why Obama went to 'Cairo in Egypt' (The Capital of the Moorish Empire - Masonic secret) and made his speech stating the Constitution was founded on Moslem Law! (Moorish American 720)."


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