Moon Trade is an OTC crypto marketplace for users to buy and sell BTC, ETH and XRP from each other.

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MoonTrade intends to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions as they were intended. Between people, from Buyer to Seller.

The way it works is that e.g. you want to buy some Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple (all of which can be bought at you go to the "Buy" section of the website and contact one of the many Sellers whose ads you see. You have the option to select how you would like to pay the Seller as well, it could be in cash, via a bank transfer (like Zelle), via PayPal or Venmo, or if you are in Europe, Russia or Africa via TransferWise, Qiwi and M-Pesa etc. It also has support for Alipay and WeChat pay for China. It is as simple as that!
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