Moonbot Is Having Its Engine’s Worked On And Returning To Earth

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Yes, The Price Is Low , Some Changes Are Needed To The MoonBot!

As we all know, the price of Steem/sbd had taken a hit along with the crypto market in general. We realize nothing is perfect and things take time to work itself out in this crypto space and eventually return. We figured this is a good time to rest the engines!

With that said we are going to pause the Moonship and return to earth for repairs and refueling and re-open down the line when prices are a bit higher. In the meantime, check out @blissfish to win a free upvote in a new raffle type system!

What Does This Mean For You?:

We will let all subs go till they run out so don’t worry about your sub and you'll notice the upvote will be less but we'll let your sub go for awhile to make up for it.

At this point we’ll be holding off taking on any new subscribers and if there are any problems please do contact us.

Well We Return To The Moon?

YES! This doesn’t mean we are shutting down permanently. We’ll back in a few weeks or less!

Join The MoonBot Discord if you have any questions about anything!


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I sent 1 Steem to Moonbot, 3 days ago as the picture shows. I haven't heard anything from you guys if I am in or not :D And if you are "shutting" for a while, will I get an refund or be in the system? :D


No problem @cwow2, we'll be sending it back to you. Sorry about that!


No problem and no stress :D

Oh dear.... Sorry, just reading this - we look forward to your return... Take a good rest in the meanwhile...

Last time I sent you 3.00 STEEM DOLLARS, received a good reward. This time I sent you reward again 3.00 STEEM DOLLARS, the award is less than I sent. What's happening?

what happening with the moonbot?