The Sacred Moon Spirit Full Harvest Moon Friday the 13th

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I am fond of full Moons.

And especially the Moon itself of which I hold a close bond with since I was a small child.

I would look up to the Moon and ask her to guide me through life and always shine her soft divine light upon me.

She granted my request and filled me throughout my life with her beautiful yin divine feminine energies, replenishing me and guiding me.

The Moon is an ancient spirit.

She is the epitome of feminine energies, and in ancient times there were temples devoted to the Moon.

These temples were often only accessible by women.
For the moons energy and light are yin in nature.
Women would gather in these temples that channelled the Moons yin energy and recharge.
This energy would re-balance their hormones and also replenish their feminine energies on all levels.

The Moons soothing yin energy is also good for anger issues.
If a person is constantly angry it’s because they have too much yang energy and must bring in the calming yin energy to balance it out.
The yin energy of the Moon can be used for this, so if your suffering from anger, spend some time under the Moon.

Yin energy is associated with empathy, love, kindness, femininity, sensuality regeneration of the auric body clearing and cleansing of the subconscious mind and also dreams.

I consider the Moon sacred and so did the ancients.

We are blessed to have this ancient spirit gracing our skies.

The Moon is also associated with the soul and the subconscious, the unseen and the realms of energy.

The Moon shines ever so bright eternally, it’s the light of the subconscious, the gateway to the unseen that graces this beautiful night.

The Moon is deeply associated with the goddess Ishtar.
Ishtar’s power is the strongest during the full Moon.
And soon it shall be Easter Sunday.
Again Easter is the goddess Ishtar.
Easter is a pagan holiday for a pagan goddess that’s been hijacked and twisted to fit the Christian religion.
So when you celebrate Easter you’re celebrating the goddess Ishtar.
Yes many pagan holidays have been hijacked like this sadly and the connection to the divine genome destroyed or mutated.
The moon is also tied deeply to the high priestess card in the tarot.
She sits between the pillars of Joaquin and Boaz.
This represents a gateway to the unseen, a portal to the other side or the realms of energy.
She goes to and from the 3D to any frequency she wishes to access, she accessed realms and knowledge on a subconscious level.
This is also knowledge that Ishtar wants women to tap into and embrace.
The feminine intuition holds much power when tapped into.

Ishtar is Isis and Inanna.
In fact before the belief of angels appeared which is a rather new belief system.
There were gods and goddesses.
Angels are a watered down teaching/version of these deities.
Notice how Inanna and Isis are often depicted with angels wings.
This is where the myths of angels were born as stated they were taken from much older teachings and deities

Let me explain what it means to be a god.

To be a god.
This means they had god force running through them, so this gave these beings god powers and eternal life and anyone who takes steps to bring themselves up in frequency becomes one with god consciousness and achieves the same thing.

The Bible states that man has the power of the angels within him and even above angels.
This means that all can access what these deities accessed or access.
Man has the ability to become one with god force and achieve a higher state of being.
Man has the ability to become Christ like when he accesses Christ consciousness.

I believe the message of these deities/beings were just this.
To encourage humanity into finding their inner god source energy and becoming one with it.

When you become one with god source within you.
You become a god only because of the source you’re tapping into.

I do not believe any of these beings wanted to be worshipped they simply wanted to empower humanity.

After all if you hold that much power and you’re eternal, you would know that the greatest thing you could achieve is to help wake up worlds full of lost beings to the power of the divine within them.

So learn to connect to god source within you yourself.

And let me remind you of this.
These feminine divine deities are sending this message to all women.
Encouraging women to stand up with compassion and to work towards positive change within their own lives.
To embrace their femininity and to stand in their divine power.

Women hold great power for they are creators and they must embrace this for its their divine right.
Women are the portals for souls that wish to use the female body to enter into this 3D world.
This is sacred and this needs to be respected.

I believe there will be a return of the sacred priestesses from ancient advanced civilisations such as Atlantis and Mars.
Women who knew how to manipulate energy.
Women who are awakened to their inner goddess power.
This time is upon us now and there is a quickening happening.
I believe these priestesses will stand in their goddess power and embrace it without the shame that has been pushed upon women for hundreds of years by religion in attempts to keep them away from embracing their power.
These awakened women will use this divine power to help heal themselves and others.
They will also use their knowledge of energy manipulation to heal this earth and restore it to its original energetically healthy blueprint, one where the crops grow and the lands are fertile.
Women who will stand against the evil in this world and not back down.
Women who do what they want without caring about labels or the theories of religious mind control.
Women who embrace being a free spirit.
Women who make their voices heard.

Women who take a stand against religion and against suppression against darkness in this world.

I hope women start using their knowledge of energy to bind those carrying out evil in this world.

Bind the abusers and those who hold powerful places of authority yet misuse them.

It’s okay to be sensual, to be feminine to be whatever you want to be.

Women embrace it and be empowered.

The ancients stand with you.
I stand with you.
The divine stands with you.

I’m excited about this.
I’m excited for the future of women and of this coming age where the divine feminine takes her power back.

Harvest moon ritual for releasing and renewal.

It is time for us to spiritually shed the dead parts from our souls, just like the trees are letting go of the leaves, and make way for the new growth that is being released at this sacred time. This is your opportunity to advance your soul growth. Do not let this moment pass you by.

This is a wonderful time to do a Full Moon Release Ceremony.

Write down all of the things that you would like to release on a piece of paper.
Go outside and read your releases out loud.
Use a barbecue, fireplace, or a pot to burn the paper.
Thank the Moon and all that is Divine and put out the fire.

For renewal.
Take a teaspoon of honey and put it in warm water
Sip this under the moon while requesting that the moon charge your auric field and energetic body.

Interesting fact.

The book of Enoch talks about the moon and how it is equally as powerful as the Sun.

The Sun has two names, one is Aryares, the other Tomas.
The Moon has four names. The first is Asonya, the second Ebla, the third Benase and the fourth Erae.

These are the two great luminaries; whose orbs are as the orbs of heaven; and the dimensions of both are equal.

Blessings from Sarah R Adams.