A moon in the thousand stars

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  • The satellite that turns around the planet is satellite. That is, the moon is a satellite and the only satellite in the world.


With this moon we have many fairy tale fairy tales. There are few people in the world who do not love the light of the moon. I love to laugh at the softness. I'll talk about the moon now.

  • Moon diameter 3474 kilometers,

  • Where the diameter of the earth is 12742 kilometers.

  • The distance to the Moon from Earth is 384399 kilometers.

  • It is very close to the Earth, it is surrounded by earth's gravitational pulling around the Earth.

There are many poetry stories written by the poets and writers on the moon. I have written something like that. Kazi Nazrul Islam, Rabindranath Tagore and Ahmed's commentary .

  • The vibrations of Chapa Chaiti, the moonlight of the night, the sky and the stars will star in the stars, my kadani - Chaiti-night moonlight After the season, the season will return, that day - hey shohag-ghatu! I want to cry the blue sky, I like my eyes, that they will seek it - understand that day!
    (Kazi Nazrul Islam)
  • Get out of the house and get caught; There is no need to light the hands of Chand Chand.
    (Humayun Ahme)
  • The night is cut, the dawn is over, the birds are in the forest - the moon is in the corners of the earth
    (Rabindranath Tagore)


All the surface of the moon are spreading large holes and stones. There is no air, there is no water. And so there is no creature there. There is tremendous coolness in the part of the moon in which the sun shines and the part where the shadow falls. There is no air in it, no sound is produced or flowing there.

There are many poets in the love of moon, many poems, songs of song, Nairit Emu
I wrote a poem that I love so much that I shared with everyone

Filled full moon this night.

Nairit Emu

Today the night flooded in the upstairs
The girl with the window -
Seeing the wet city
The mind is running away, with the moon's particles
Blue fairy festival in the dreamland.
The wings with the match, fly away
Where Chandrakoth tells the story;
The moon knows, the girl is very alone!

So stay awake all night and look for face.
The moonlight night, in the song of dew-
Let's get the girl, with an ankle;
Cotton cloth
Today, Tanapura dearly loved the breeze.
Hold your hands, break the chain
Take a foot towards lover;
Thousands of young people have increased their hands
Filled full moon this night.

like the light of the moon, I love to walk around the night, so I lifted the picture by looking at the moon in the sky and shared it with everyone I took the picture a few days earlier but shared it today.

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Thanks for reading my full post.

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Awesome smartphone photography of 🌒 moon looking peace and beautiful 😍.


Thank you for your valuable comments


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I love moonlight a lot.i also click photos on that time

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Hello @sampaakter, thank you to bring the natural pictures here. Anyway I also like the light of the moon and I love to walk around the night with loved one :)

thanks to share moonlight picture. i love moonlight

nice post

the moon,symbol of love.it sehine the night.moon light is so romantic

i only know about twilight new moon hollywood movi 😁😁😃😃

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