Random Photo #1: Almost Full Moon

in #moon4 years ago (edited)

Hello fellow Steemians

Recently i bought a new camera and this is one of the first shots:)


The shot is from my balcony in the night. It took a few tries to get the settings correct and this is a zoomed picture.

I hope you all like it:-)
Feel free to leave suggestions.

Cheers and steem on!


Canon 750D with kit-objective:)

nice capture, what kind of camera did you use??

Thanks a lot:)
A canon 750D with a 135mm objective:)

keep up the work..i will follow you and be sure to follow me, I love astronomy, not good at photography tho lol

Done. I'll check out your blogs as well:)
I'm not sure if I only can do astronomy photography since it is very cloudy in my place and there is a lot of lightpollution around. Still I'll do my best.:)

Btw: How did the four of you noticed my blog? You liked it almost immediately:)
Thanks for that!