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So far from our flat Earth home. Is it true the moon is made of cheese?


I thought it was pear shaped. Nice post btw!


Can't be verified. Steem has yet to reach the real moon.


I found this documentary that provides convincing evidence

Haha, so many hidden references, nice work!

I have to comment to express the big smile on my face 😂

Nice creativity! ;)

That's it. I'm Following you 😂😂

Much flat earth!! Hehe

Nice :D

So do we all chip in now for our own intergalactical Steemship? :P

Get that FUCK off the set

haha nice

Haha great! I love it ;-) Get all the shitcoins off the set :-)

Nice flat Earth in the back ground! Lols

Hahahahaha! Nice work :D

After the moon, Steem to Proxima Centauri

Oh my god, I posted a moon landing memory technique today without realizing it is TODAY. WTF???

Thanks for pointing it out.

LOL, the flat earth in the background!

Haha Upvoted and followed!

Go all the way up :D

That's awesome, didn't even know it was Moon Day

OHHH ajajaj thats cool !!

haha this is a really good MEME, nicejob

Hah! Very cool) saved

They look like blue banana.

get that shitcoin off the set :D

this one is gold