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RE: September 2019 - Monthly Steem report via script

in #monthlyreport5 years ago

yes, please :0)
My stats are going to suck, but at least I will be able to compare them with the upcoming. I hope to get back on track eventually...

14 self-votes, Asher??? lol

Let's see if the !BEER thing works again ;0)


14 self-votes, Asher??? lol

Notice I failed to mention that in the summary?! 😳

All over the place here!

Dear @simplymike

In September (2019), you authored 8 top level posts comprising of 48936 characters. You also entered 333 comments onto the Steem blockchain totaling 70672 characters of text.

You used 7 different categories for your content and gardenjournal2019 was the most popular, chosen 2 times.

The post titled ?? SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge - September (With Steem-Bounty) earned the most comments with 92 replies.

The post shared with the community the most was steemit-community-garden-journal-challenge-september-with-steem-bounty which was resteemed 17 times.

In September, you cast 1067 votes, 0 of these were downvotes, and 0 votes were cast to self.

Your average vote weight (to the nearest whole number) in September was 26%.

You spoke to bengy the most, leaving 17 comments and bengy spoke to you the most with 20 comments.

You upvoted qurator the most - 41 times, and chose to issue 0 downvotes.


Last month, you transferred 300.0 STEEM to Steem-engine and withdrew 0.000 STEEM.

You earned 161749.819452 VESTS via Curation, which is approximately 81.765019 Steem Power.

And as an author, you earned 0.000000 SBD, 41.131000 STEEM, and 81481.161300 VESTS (approximately 41.188971 Steem Power) in September.

Finally, abh12345 upvoted you 6 times in September 2019!

0 DV's and only 6 votes from me :(

only 6 votes from me

Considering I only published 8 posts, that's not that bad, lol

0 DV's

I know. But i have a good excuse for that. I tried both Brave and Chrome, and Steempeak simply doesn't allow me to downvote (I only get to see the bottom part of the popup window that shows who has downvoted, the top part falls off my screen.) SteemIt refuses to let me in for a couple of weeks now.

Also, I haven't been spedning too much time here. Like i said before: European day time is kinda boring. And since I've started living the sober life, I sleep at night, lol.

Thanks for the report!

Sigh... still no beer. What's a girl gotta do to hand out some sips in this place...???

6/8 isn't bad I guess, and hopefully some of the other accounts voted too.

Your DV excuses seem reasonable, what's up with not allowing you in? Have you got Steem Keychain?

I wonder if I can offer you a !BEER ?

This beer thing is getting more weird every hour.... Should check their Discord and ask what's up.

Just tried SteemIt again, and for now, it seems to work. I wonder for how long. I do have keychain... it just kept logging me out every time I had visited a post...

That sounds frustrating, but at least you have a beer to relax with :)

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @simplymike, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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