And that's not the only thing that is up, ooof!

That's a lovely spike!!

I think the biggest spike was when Steem came alive again and everyone was rocking 100% VP, a nice move up though - shame it's all worth bog all at present!

Yeah, it would be nice if it all was worth something. Crypto has totally died for the moment!!

Yeah a lousy couple of weeks on top of a not too impressive 20 months!

For a short while I thought we have came out the other side. I now find it quite ominous that people are talking about a big run in 2020. They said that about this year!

Yeah, each time the price stabilises there is a new dump and drop. Not usually a sight to behold, but a triple-bottom here looks interestingly juicy :O

I wonder if there will be a total dump with a bottom we have never seen the like of before?

And I've seen some horror bottoms I can tell you... ;0D

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