Poet ran out of words today? :P

Ummm, what's going on here?!

Dear @josediccus

In September (2019), you authored 52 top level posts comprising of 120488 characters. You also entered 465 comments onto the Steem blockchain totaling 111116 characters of text.

You used 8 different categories for your content and dtube was the most popular, chosen 26 times.

The post titled MILESTONE, TWO YEARS ON STEEM; MY REFLECTIONS INTO A WONDERFUL JOURNEY SO FAR earned the most comments with 15 replies.

The post shared with the community the most was ezslu89nr74 which was resteemed 3 times.

In September, you cast 843 votes, 2 of these were downvotes, and 53 votes were cast to self.

Your average vote weight (to the nearest whole number) in September was 41%.

You spoke to davidpakman the most, leaving 35 comments and wafrica spoke to you the most with 26 comments.

You upvoted josediccus the most - 54 times, and chose to issue 1 downvotes to vups.


Last month, you transferred 0.000 STEEM to Steem-engine and withdrew 57.70 STEEM.

You earned 133977.222596 VESTS via Curation, which is approximately 67.725888 Steem Power.

And as an author, you earned 0.000000 SBD, 453.326000 STEEM, and 897734.332200 VESTS (approximately 453.807398 Steem Power) in September.

Finally, abh12345 upvoted you 1 time in September 2019!

Grinding the posts out and doing pretty well I think :)

Well 67 steem from curation in four weeks I earn like 16 steem in a week From Curation considering I had just 6k plus Steem power really. Not a bad stat by all standard I think I need to curate more. And as for the poem I'm trying to write less poem and go for what my audience will want really. Above all I'm grateful, amazing stuff here, thank you

The poem reference was due to the 3 word comment, but that one beat Joy by 300% so I guess brief comments are the norm today :)

Also read a #sports post from you recently, my voting stats are so skewed in the above, especially if people are authoring for the tribes.

My device was having lol so I had to leave that 3 word comment I guess the comment is getting plentier

Yeah one vote from you lol I expected like 15 from the great @abh12345 hahaha. Yeah I'm a sports analyst too so I'm doing more sports now I guess it can be confusing voting from the tribes really.

Chipping in all over :D

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