Of course :) Yes the works Christmas Do took yesterday away, good fun though!

Dear @galenkp

In November (2019), you authored 55 top level posts comprising of 280369 characters. You also entered 930 comments onto the Steem blockchain totaling 202565 characters of text.

You used 22 different categories for your content and lego was the most popular, chosen 13 times.

The post titled Renewable energy - An investment in my future: My solar-array figures update earned the most comments with 53 replies.

The post shared with the community the most was where-on-wednesday-nineteen-steampunk-reconstructing-history-and-age-old-texture which was Resteemed 4 times.

In November, you cast 807 votes, 29 of these were downvotes, and 0 votes were cast to self.

Your average vote weight (to the nearest whole number) in November was 33%.

You spoke to janton the most, leaving 93 comments and janton spoke to you the most with 92 comments.

You upvoted organduo the most - 37 times, and chose to issue 21 downvotes to incommunity.


Last month, you transferred 0.000 STEEM to Steem-engine and withdrew 72.81 STEEM.

You earned 208202.600318 VESTS via Curation, which is approximately 105.644914 Steem Power.

And as an author, you earned 0.000000 SBD, 673.446000 STEEM, and 1328608.036300 VESTS (approximately 674.154318 Steem Power) in November.

Finally, abh12345 (and his alts) upvoted you 152 times in November 2019!

Looks like a very busy and productive November for you!

Thanks Asher!

Yeah, not bad stats huh? I'll take 'em! It'll be interesting to see how December goes as I have a lot on. Hoping to keep some consistency.

Thanks for the stats, as always.