💡 Quick information about Reward Distribution for April 2018 + Prize Pool Raising Post!


Hi dear Steemit Monthly Author Challenge participants & dear Steemians,

This is a short information about the prize pool distribution for April 2018, because this time I want to do something different again: I will already start to distribute a part of the rewards in the prize pool for April 2018 to inspired participants of the #monthlyauthorchallenge by sharing @treeplanter boosts!

Im sure that you everyone is fine with this decision, because this has many advantages for the participants, just like even more rewards in the the end for example and you will receive your deserved rewards earlier, amongst the greatest fact that we are planting REAL trees with this action!

I will share the screenshots of all boosted posts at least at the end of this month and I recommend you to take a look at the inspiring @treeplanter project, it´s really serious & an awesome concept.

Note: This post is a reward-pool raising post for the Steemit M.A.C. prize pool of April 2018 and this means that all SBD rewards of this article will be donated to the #monthlyauthorchallenge participants of April 2018!


Here are the rules how to participate in the Steemit Monthly Author Challenge:

  • You have to post at least 1 article with a photo of your life every day for one month with the tag #monthlyauthorchallenge and a recognizable title. (Steemit Monthly Author Challenge Round x - Day x!" for example, or use the abbreviation S.M.A.C., if you don´t like the long name.)

  • You don´t have to add a detailed description to your photo article if you don´t like and it can be a quick photo post with Steepshot for example too. (But don´t forget the #monthlyauthorchallenge tag and more details about your photo can help you to earn more post-rewards!)

  • The photo of your life (It can be anything interesting) don´t has to be up-to-date, but not older than 1 year, or you can also choose a photo of your childhood. You can tell a real life story instead of sharing a life photo too if you like.

  • To make it more comfortable for everyone, you don´t have to nominate someone for the challenge every day in your daily post. Nominating is voluntary, but to share this fun, I would suggest to nominate some other Steemians from time to time, so that you can do this funny challenge together.

  • The challenge ends when you reached the Monthy Author Badget in the beginning of the next month on steemitboard.com and then publish a little final post that you finished the challenge.

Info: The period for the Monthly Author Badget is always from the first of a calendar month until the last day of this month. 👌

That´s it, just have fun!

If you like the idea, you are welcome to join & share this challenge too!


If you still want to learn more about the #monthlyauthorchallenge, here you can visit my article with the title: "Why "Steemit Monthly Author Challenge" & what value it adds to our community?"

Some of the Steemit members who already participated in the Steemit Monthly Author Badget Challenge:

@jlufer, @ace108, @amrumk, @scan0017, @stayoutoftherz, @oldmariner, @olgy-art, @datristan, @lex030, @jenja, @kathybell, @misslasvegas, @reynoldd, @joyandhappiness, @bettyboob, @cranium, @steemitpatina, @danielus, @assasin, @aaqib11b, @itikna09, @irwan90, @matthewtiii, @kebena, @manokna, @shady, @chann, @timmyturner, @aaqib11b, @gratefulayn, @riyansteem, @akilasultana373, @mllg, @smylie2005, @redwellies, @omuabormalin, @artizm, @diya28, @winniex, @unterwegs, @meixia, @vergiliigurev, @nostalgic1212, @ir3k, @gloxypearl, @adedoyinwealth, @mllg, @diya28, @alexmove, @lixing, @sokoloffa, @tabithaa, @josegilberto

And more, checkout the Tag #monthlyauthorchallenge!

Steemit Monthly Author Challenge
Monthly Author Challenge Logo by @amrumk.

Hear you soon and Steem On everyone!

Author of this article: @future24


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Note: All SBD rewards of this article here will be donated into the prize-pool to reward inspired & motivated #monthlyauthorchallenge participants. 👍

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Thank you for the excellent competition and excellent support in the form of awards. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо за великолепный конкурс и отличную поддержку в виде вознаграждений. Удачи Вам и Любви.

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Thanks to @steemit-mac

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Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
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Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 18714.62
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

We have never relent on making monthly authors challenge and we will never.
Thanks so much. Regards

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